Searching for commercial properties based on specific regulation criteria?

Automate your property search with regulation filters and property data delivered to you each month.

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Nationwide data in the U.S. and Canada

Search every commercial real estate listing on the web instantly

With MLS data from multiple source, our technology can identify listing based on specific separation distances and zoning requirements. Access and filter million of property listings with detailled data from around the web.

Power your workflow with automated property search

Verifying that each new property you find meets local regulation requirements can be challenging and usually involves hiring a land use attorney, several thousand dollars and can take weeks. Zonegoat can drastically reduce the time your team spends filtering properties. Set your search criteria in our property tracker builder, then relax while we collect properties that match your requirements each month.

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Collaborate on, manage, & calculate separation distances

Stop shuffling back and forth between regulations and properties with our separation distance template. Perform weeks of separation distance calculations in minutes with a single template when you run a property search. Create a separation distance template to test new zoning scenarios or ordinance drafts in any municipality in the U.S or Canada.

Visualize the Zoning Code impacting properties of interest

Zonegoat digitizes and automates zoning codes by combining GIS zoning layers with regulatory data. Once our technology identifies properties that match search criteria, real estate professionals can visualize specific regulation or zoning codes for each property in real-time. That allows you to visualize and identify code conflicts and errors before problems arise.

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Speed Up Your Due Diligence Workflow

We simplify your due diligence process by digitizing and automating separation distance requirements and zoning district verification. Narrow down property search with the smartest regulation filters on the market.

Find Deals Before Your Competiton

Streamline property search and find opportunities before your competition

Apply regulation filters, narrow down properties in a given geography, and leverage our technology to make more deals.

Ready to Save Time, Increase Efficiency and Maximize your portfolio performance?

Property search with NO Comission, and NO hidden fees