Top 6 Resources for Finding Cannabis Zoned Properties in Michigan

Resources for Cannabis Commercial Property For Sales and more

Posted by Richardson Dackam on October 26, 2020 · 9 mins read

The cannabis industry in Michigan is picking up speed with a wave of adult-use and medical businesses expected to enter the market in the years to come. All legal businesses will require real estate that’s primed and zoned for cannabis cultivation, sale, and processing.  

Commercial cannabis real estate agents will constantly need to be at the top of their game. They can compete for the limited number of listings or proactively go beyond what’s available in the market and identify potential real estate in municipalities that have opted in to allow the establishment of adult-use and medical marihuana facilities.  

So, when it comes to finding cannabis zoned properties in Michigan, getting leads about who’s selling what at the moment and what can qualify as a cannabis facility in the future are mighty important. Today’s list features websites that you can use to view available cannabis listings as well as resources that can be used to carry out in-depth zoning research:

6. Well-Rooted Real Estate

An image of Well Rooted Real Estate website, another cannabis real estate resource

Well-Rooted Real Estate is a female-operated brokerage that provides concierge-level services to cannabis entrepreneurs. They are engaged in the leasing, purchasing, and sale of marijuana-approved facilities. Their tailored valuation services are designed to help marijuana businesses determine the value of their properties. They also offer consultancy services for guidance at all stages of the cannabis supply chain. 

Pros of Well-Rooted Real Estate

  • Decades of experience in commercial real estate
  • Source of exclusive cannabis property listings in Michigan 

Cons of Well-Rooted Real Estate

  • Listings on their website are exclusively made by the broker’s agents, which means that other listing brokers will not find the website well suited for their needs. 
  • Fewer listings than other listing websites.
  • Well-Rooted Real Estate is not suited for individual zoning research as it lacks the required tools. 


5. Bricks + Mortar Cannabis

An image of Briks + Mortar Cannabis, another cannabis real estate resource

Founded in 2015, Bricks + Mortar was the first cannabis-related brokerage in Michigan, and they underwent a rebranding in 2017 to better focus their objectives on serving the cannabis market. Their website features listings of properties, cultivation equipment, businesses for sale, and extraction machines. Bricks + Mortar also lends services in consulting, financing, and escrow management. 

Pros of Bricks + Mortar 

  • Segmented search with the ability to filter properties based on use
  • Full coverage of the Michigan cannabis real estate market

Provide municipality updates and industry news

Cons of Bricks + Mortar 

  • Bricks + Mortar seller packages include a flat-fee seller plan for a non-exclusive listing that requires sellers to pay $3000 upfront and 4% if the company finds a buyer. No commission is due if the agent brings their own buyer. 
  • Their seller package with no upfront costs requires a commission of up to 8%, which may be higher than the traditional commission rate of 6%.


4. CREC – Cannabis Real Estate Consultants

An image of Cannabis Real Estate Consultants (CREC) website, another michigan real estate resource

The CREC Network serves as a support network for professionals engaged in the cannabis real estate market. Affiliated brokers access all the resources needed to identify and close real estate deals. 

They have three integrated divisions. The Brokerage Division provides traditional buy & sell services. CREC’s Technology Division develops solutions used by affiliated members to identify cannabis real estate opportunities using proprietary tools accessed through the CREC Portal, such as interactive nationwide zoning maps.  The Compliance Division coordinates audits, license transfers, and applications. 

Pros of the CREC Network 

  • Listed properties are CREC Certified by the staff to ensure they are correctly zoned.
  • Members can access interactive research maps containing information about parcel locations, owner details, and zoning compliance. 
  • Features listings from multiple states, including Alaska, Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington 

Cons of the CREC Network 

  • Access to their interactive research tools requires a CREC membership that goes for $250 per month, with three months minimum subscription. 
  • There were only 23 properties listed in Michigan at the time of writing, with most listings over 10 months old. 


3. CBX Real Estate 

An image of CBX Real Estate website, a Michigan Cannabis Real Estate resource

CBXRE is a cannabis real estate marketplace with plenty of listings for cannabis zoned industrial properties for sale nationwide. Users can also use the site to find cannabis financing, cannabis agencies, cannabis lawyers/attorneys, consultants, appraisers, and more. 

Pros of CBXRE 

  • A comprehensive directory of listings for cannabis properties, businesses, finance companies, and equipment
  • Several listings packages ranging from $20 to $125 
  • Listings are approved quickly

Cons of CBXRE 

  • CBXRE doesn’t offer certified listings where cannabis properties undergo a verification process to confirm their zoning compliance.  
  • It’s not a suitable tool to research potential opportunities in green zones and they only have a dozen properties listed for Michigan.


2. 420 Property 

An image of 420 property website, another Michigan cannabis real estate resource

420 Property also acts as a multiple listing service for cannabis properties similar to CBXRE. Their listings span several sectors, including finance, insurance, professional services, banking, and equipment. 

Pros of 420 Property

  • It’s free for all users with no listing limit
  • 420 Property doesn’t participate in any transactions
  • Paid advertising is optional for enhanced exposure

Cons of 420 Property

  • 420 Property links agents with existing properties on the market and may not be suited for researching potential real estate opportunities in green zones. 
  • It’s always teeming with new listings making it hard to stand out without paying for a featured listing. 


1.  Zonegoat

An mage of Zonegoat website, the best resources for cannabis real estate and the largest cannabis listing in Michigan

Zonegoat offers listings for commercial cannabis real estate and provides agents with the tools to find potential cannabis properties in Michigan. It’s a cloud-based, AI-powered platform that automates the process of coming up with detailed zoning reports. For instance, users can run searches for listed medical marijuana dispensaries in Michigan as well as identify the best locations for adult-use businesses.

Pros of Zonegoat

  • It identifies potential boundaries around properties while taking into account nearby schools, hospitals, etc.
  • The company doesn’t participate in transactions, which eliminates competition
  • Features a Zoning Badge to certify the cannabis zoning status of a property 
  • With a Brokerage account agents can generate reports of the same area any time there are new changes such as schools opening nearby
  • Buyers can search for zoned properties based on the business-type, for instance, grower, provisioning center, etc. 
  • New users are offered a free trial

Cons of Zonegoat 

  • Real Estate Professionals need to run a paid zoning report in order to have the Zonegoat Badge on their listings, which signifies that they have verified the zoning status or identified boundaries around the properties. 
  • Users using free accounts get a limited number of searches for properties on Zonegoat’s Listing Page, but they can access the entire inventory of listings with a paid subscription. 

You can try Zonegoat for free here.

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