Cannabiz Media Vs. CannaRegs (Fyllo Compliance Cloud): How to decide

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Posted by Richardson Dackam on October 29, 2020 · 6 mins read

Cannabiz Media’s mission is to simplify how companies and individuals connect with established cannabis and hemp license holders.  They fulfill this mandate by offering a searchable database, CRM, and email marketing tool.  On the other hand, CannaRegs (Fyllo) has its sights set on creating a comprehensive database of cannabis-related regulations and legal resources. According to the company’s founder Ostrowitz, CannaRegs is “a legal research platform.”

Here’s a more detailed point-to-point comparison of the two platforms and their features:

About Cannabiz Media 

A screenshot of Cannabiz Media – A Cannabis Tech Company – Homepage

Cannabiz Media collects and verifies information about cannabis and hemp companies. Through the Cannabiz Media License Database, vendors can uncover information about a facility’s size, activity type (grower, dispensary, etc.), county location, physical address, email address, website, state license ID, and equipment.

About CannaRegs (Fyllo)

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CannaRegs, which was acquired and integrated into the Fyllo MarTech platform, is primarily a web-based research tool that aggregates information about cannabis rules and regulations. Entries that can be accessed through their database include bills, policy changes, statutes, guidance documents, municipal codes, ordinances, and tax charts. The platform sources information from local, state, and federal levels.  

Features of Cannabiz Media

An image of Cannabiz Media Cannabis License Holder Profile Feature

Key features of The Cannabiz Media Database include: 

  • Email marketing tool: Its capabilities include professionally designed and customizable templates, inbox deliverability checks, list management, campaigns, lead tracking, and more.
  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM): The CRM allows users to perform custom searches, create licenses alerts, track deals, collaborate with team members, and send emails.

Features of CannaRegs (Fyllo)

An image of CannaRegs Cannabis Regulatory Database Feature – for Cannabis Zoning Regulation and more.

  • Regulatory database: The CannasRegs® regulatory database allows users to perform segmented searches on thousands of federal, state, and local documents. They can specify entry types, jurisdictions, document types, and authority types.  The intelligent database offers advanced tracking capabilities keeping users updated on new zoning updates, meeting minutes, product recalls, and executive orders. 
  • Other features of Fyllo: CannasRegs now operates in the Fyllo Compliance Cloud. Fyllo’s compliance automation tool can review product copy and promotional imagery to ensure that it’s compliant with various jurisdictional regulations. The Fyllo Data Marketplace aggregates cannabis and CBD purchase data. 

Advantages of using Cannabiz Media 

  1. The Cannabiz Media Database contains researched and verified information on over 30,000 marijuana and hemp license holders. 
  2. Subscribers can receive alerts about new licenses that have been issued across US states and Canadian provinces. 
  3. Tools such as the CRM and email marketing tool allow subscribers to start connecting with potential leads all in one place. 

Benefits of CannaRegs (Fyllo)

  1. CannaRegs users can spot opportunities ahead of the market by tracking legislative procedures, applications, etc. 
  2. Search filters make for a more streamlined search experience, and users can carry out more than one multi-jurisdictional search at the same time.  
  3. The CannaRegs platform provides extensive coverage of federal, state, and local cannabis legislation in more than 1350 jurisdictions. 

Who can use Cannabiz Media

The majority of Cannabiz Media’s users are vendors looking to connect with cannabis and hemp license holders. For instance, a cannabis packaging business may use the platform to find dispensaries operating in Michigan and start reaching out to them. 

Who can use CannaRegs (Fyllo)

CannaRegs targets areas of interest that are affected by cannabis regulations and legislation, including advertising, banking, employment, facilities, health, licensing, packaging, safety, taxation, and zoning. The platform’s user base consists of cannabis and hemp businesses, state and local government reps, advocacy groups and lobbyists, publishers, advertisers, legal professionals, and marketers.


From the context of a cannabis real estate agent who needs to perform in-depth zoning research on specific properties, Both CannaRegs and Cannabiz Media may lack specialized features to accomplish this mission. CannaRegs mostly help with regulation search and meeting updates, and Cannabiz Media is focused on helping businesses generate leads among established license holders who may not necessarily be focused on acquiring additional real estate. For those looking for a real-estate centric alternative providing cannabis real estate listings, there’s Zonegoat.

A screenshot of Zonegoat Homepage – A Cannabis Tech Company that focuses on Cannabis Listings ( Cannabis Zoned Properties, or Green Zones )

Zonegoat aggregates public listings from all over the web and uses a smart algorithm to quickly identify properties and verify zoning compliance. Zonegoat listings show you whether a commercial property has “no boundaries” or are zoned for cannabis. While most listings websites rely only on public submissions, Zonegoat can automatically scan municipalities for opportunities. Users get access to boundaries and zoning reports for each listing, along with quick access to local municipality zoning distance rules. And while our algorithm collects listings automatically, our team works behind the scenes to confirm listings that are zoned with local municipalities.

Our software is designed to simplify your cannabis property search. By using our listings service you’ll save hundreds of hours when searching for commercial properties that are compliant with local marijuana zoning regulations. Cannabis Real Estate Agent and Brokerage in the cannabis space can also use Zonegoat Brokerage features to perform advanced searches to find potential opportunities in zoned areas.

Is medical marijuana or recreational weed legal in your municipality? Try Zonegoat today for FREE and find cannabis zoned properties in your area.

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