Zonegoat Introduces A New Smart Listing Feature: What It Means for Agents

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Posted by Richardson Dackam on November 10, 2020 · 4 mins read

Nov. 9, 2020 - Smart Listing is a new feature by Zonegoat, an AI-powered platform that allows users to verify the zoning status of cannabis properties listed for sale. By leveraging the smart algorithm developed by the in-house team, the tool will automatically collect listings from public sources and verify if they conform to local zoning ordinances. Agents will spend less time scouring various listing websites trying to find properties and avoid the delays of carrying out regulatory searches. 

“Simplifying the search for cannabis zoned properties has been our mission from day one,” said the company representative. “Smart listings is our flagship product for real estate agents and brokerages that rely on listings to find properties.”

The real significance of Smart Listings is that it reduces the need to perform official regulatory searches for each property during the research stage. The tool checks if listings meet the zoning ordinances and only aggregates listings from municipalities that allow cannabis businesses. 

Listings on Zonegoat fall into two main categories. There are properties with valid separation distances with unverified marijuana zoning status, and properties that are fully zoned for marijuana with valid separation distances. Zoned properties are outside all known boundaries as specified by municipal zoning ordinances. They are also located in a zoning district for marijuana.  

Smart Listings has time-saving features. It automatically generates zoning reports that contain information about municipal boundary buffers and list the locations of all schools or hospitals in the surrounding area along with the distances from the property. The search filter will allow users to narrow down properties based on the location, property type, and zoning status. Users can view the price and ideal use, such as grower or provisioning center. 

Each listing is verified behind the scenes by the Zonegoat team by either contacting local municipalities or verifying the zoning status with local municipality data. 

Real estate agents and owners can submit free listings that will be verified. With a larger database of verified properties, buyers will have more options and the confidence to pursue properties that fit their specifications.

The introduction of Smart Listings comes with a new pricing model. On the free tier, agents may only view five “no boundaries” verified properties per city.  Brokerages that may often need to perform hundreds of searches can sign up for the PRO package that includes unlimited results starting at only $250 per month.

With the power to aggregate available cannabis listings in a particular state within minutes and verifying the zoning boundaries using existing information about zoning ordinances, Zonegoat has, by consequence, created the largest cannabis property database in Michigan. The platform plans to expand to other states by first gathering all the vital information about local zoning ordinances before applying the Smart Listings tool.

About Zonegoat 

Founded in April 2020, Zonegoat is a rising startup in the cannabis real estate space. Its mission is to help real estate agents find verified cannabis properties compliant with marijuana zoning regulations using the power of Artificial Intelligence. The Smart Listings tool collects public listings from the web and verifies that they meet zoning requirements. With an opportunity search feature, real estate agents and entrepreneurs can also discover properties that are ideal for hosting cannabis facilities and proactively reach out to owners

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