Introducing Zonegoat Property Tracker and a New Business Model

Press Release

Posted by Richardson Dackam on December 24, 2020 · 4 mins read

Use regulatory search criteria to find commercial properties for cannabis and other uses.

Today, we’re introducing Zonegoat Property Tracker. It’s an AI property aggregator that finds properties from public listings that meet specific search criteria. For example It can determine if properties meet local separation distance rules that specify the distance away from schools or hospitals.

Property Trackers are a new way to find opportunities in the commercial real estate market. With our new property tracker builder, you can now build a tracker by first specifying the property features you want, including structure size, land area, and property type. 

Using regulatory criteria to find properties is now possible. Your property tracker may specify the separation distance, for instance, 500 ft or 1000 ft.  

Local zoning ordinances undergo revisions, and new municipalities may have pending ordinance drafts to legalize cannabis businesses in their jurisdiction. You can modify the separation distance template and search location. The purpose of this feature is to give you the freedom to look for properties based on any local regulation, whether it’s an official ordinance, a draft, or even your experimentation. You may look into areas that may have ordinance drafts and find properties that may be affected. Once new regulations come into law, many agents pursue properties suitable for cannabis use aggressively. With this tool, you may stay ahead of the curve.  

Previously, we didn’t have nationwide data, and our Smart Listings tool only aggregated properties in Michigan. With Property Tracker, you can now collect properties nationwide and in Canada.  

As an add-on, you can filter properties based on the zoning district. Many public listings may not list zoning districts, and you’re forced to obtain a zoning report from the local department of planning, which wastes time and resources. We found a workaround by combining regulatory data with GIS maps to generate a property’s zoning code from its address dynamically. 

 When you view a property aggregated based on your search criteria, you’ll also see an interactive zoning report. It contains a virtual map with the location of the property. Depending on property types and local regulations, you can see neighboring schools and hospitals and how far they are from the property. It’s a powerful way to identify zoning code conflicts.  

Your custom lists generated by property trackers don’t go away after you create them. They are updated every month with up to 100 new properties per tracker. There is no need to keep visiting listing websites, trying to see what’s new. Property Tracker performs this function autonomously, saving you time.  

The current price is $50 per list with a three-month and 10-lists minimum commitment. You get a custom plan, where you may increase the number of property trackers from 10 to as many as you want. Discount packages are also available for bulk users. For more clarification, you may visit the pricing page. 

About Zonegoat

Zonegoat started as a way to identify properties that were zoned for cannabis by using local regulatory data that we collected. The smart algorithm then automatically identified those properties on a map. Users felt that they still had a lot of due diligence with this tool and were hoping for a done for you solution.  

So, we introduced “Smart Listings” that automatically collected properties that matched local regulations from public lists. Because regulations are rapidly changing, it was more important for users to get up-to-date data. They wanted the ability to modify the search criteria to look in areas that only had an ordinance draft. 

Zonegoat Property Tracker has evolved from the successes and limitations of our previous features. It gives users full control over the search criteria. They can now find properties in areas that may only have proposed ordinance drafts. Their custom lists are updated every month with new properties from anywhere in the U.S or Canada.

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