Frequently Asked Questions


What is Zonegoat?

Zonegoat is the first automated property search service that uses regulation filters. With Zonegoat you can find properties that match specific separation distance and zoning requirements.

How does it work?

It's quite simple. Zonegoat allow you to leverage regulation filters to identify property that match specific local regulation requirements.

With a Zonegoat account you can create lists with specific property features and regulation criteria. Based on the filters applied on each list, Zonegoat will narrow down properties in a given geography each week.

What’s are regulation filters?

Our regulation filters focus on Separation Distance and Zoning Requirements.

Zonegoat comes with a tool that allow you to create custom separation distance templates. You can then use those templates as a filter requirement when selecting the criteria for your search. Our zoning District filter allow users to use zoning codes as a requirement for a search. It’s available as a paid add-on in the list builder.

What other add-ons do you have?

We currently only offer the Zoning District filter as an add-on, but we will soon be adding additional add-ons.

What’s your pricing?

We only charge $50 per propety tracker per month. You can have multiple trackers per cities. Please Contact Sales to find the right plan for your needs.

Where is Zonegoat currently available?

Zonegoat provides nation wide property tracking in the U.S and Canada.