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Powered by AI, Zonegoat help you find and verify opportunities that match local regulation criteria faster.

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Every Municipality in the US & Canada & Over 150 Millions Properties

Eliminates hours of manual research & stay one step ahead

Act first on new regulations

Instantly leverage the most up-to-date, reliable and accurate property data on almost every commercial property in the U.S. & Canada. Find opportunities quicker, and make decisions more confidently.

Make smarter decisions

Use our highly customizable Separation Distance filter to find properties that match current or future regulation and Keep pace with compliance across the U.S. as we'll automatically collect properties for you.

Validate every opportunity

Validate every opportunity and know exactly where and how to best focus your effort and any other resources. You’ll Find and Close Deals Faster with our Reports Intelligence

Find the Best Location and Property

Comprehensive location-based information is key to decision making. By combining Zonegoat's regulation features and our georgaphic information system technology we can quickly identify regulatory risks near your location of interest.

Verify opportunities in matters of seconds

We leverage the power of AI to help you quickly eliminate liability surprises in seconds. You can rest easy while Zonegoat location intelligence analyzes properties for you in seconds.

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